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Mitglieder des "Editorial Board":

Fritz Fleischmann (chair), professor of English at Babson College; author of essays and a monograph on Brown; co-editor of Early America Re-Explored: New Readings in Colonial, Early National, and Antebellum Culture (Peter Lang, 2000)
John Holmes professor of English, Franciscan University; author of essays on Brown; collaborator (with Alfred Weber and Wolfgang Schäfer) in editing Brown's Literary Essays and Reviews (Peter Lang, 1992); co-editor (with Edwin Saeger) of Brown's letters to be included in our edition
Mark Kamrath assistant professor of English, University of Central Florida; author of a monograph on Brown's historical writings (KSUP, forthcoming); co-editor of Revising Charles Brockden Brown: Culture, Politics and Sexuality in the Early Republic (U Tennessee P, forthcoming), and assistant textual editor on the MLA Scholarly Edition of Willa Cather's Obscure Destinies
Dr. Wolfgang Schäfer vice principal of the Zentralgewerbeschule Buchen, Germany; co-editor of a critical edition of Brown's essays and author of a book on Brown as literary critic, Charles Brockden Brown als Literaturkritiker (Peter Lang, 1986); author of publications on American topics for German high schools; chairman of EC-funded project on European colleges
Wil Verhoeven chaired professor of American Culture and Cultural Theory, University of Groningen; editor of numerous eighteenth-century transatlantic novels; author of numerous articles on Brown;
Alfred Weber (founding editor) Professor Emeritus of American Literature, University of Tübingen; author of numerous journal and book publications in the field; editor of two volumes of shorter writings by Brown.