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Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1810) was the first major novelist and one of the foremost intellectuals of the early national period in the United States. He wrote prolifically in many genres, founded and edited three major magazines, published widely-read political pamphlets, and intervened in many debates about the culture and politics of the new nation.

Brown is still mostly known for his novels and for Alcuin, his dialogue on women's rights, as these are the only texts currently available in scholarly editions. Not available are his short fiction, letters, and poetry, as well as his important magazine writings: book, theater and music reviews, philosophical essays, meditations on law, religion, nationhood, geography, history and literature, political economy, medicine, science, and sexuality - altogether some 5,000 pages of text.

To make all of Brown's work accessible, our project is working to prepare an electronic edition of all of his uncollected writings, fully searchable, with a textual and critical apparatus, including historical and biographical notes, to be included in a continuously updated electronic archive for students of Brown and the early American republic.